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Why outsource your payroll management?

Written by Josefine Andersen
Mar 18, 2021 11:00:00 AM

Payroll management is constantly evolving  and is being regulated by countless of laws and regulations. Constant changes and requirements for reporting, storage and privacy makes it necessary to keep employees up to date. In addition, there are many other factors that can influence a possible choice of outsourcing your company's payroll administration. 


10 questions you should ask yourself: 

  • What challenges does your company have? 
  • Does the internal payroll administration occupied valuable time? 
  • Do you have the necessary expertise? 
  • Do you manage to stay up to date on all changes in laws and regulations? 
  • What are the costs of keeping payroll administration internally? 
  • How many employees in your company can carry out the payroll badge? 
  • How many people know the rules for handling and reporting of payroll? 
  • How effective are your internal routines? 
  • Have you benefited from the technological solutions available? 
  • Are the rules for GDPR and privacy complied with? 


Profitable financially? 

Having an internal payroll department will often involve a fixed, high cost throughout the year since you would probably like to have one or more employees for these tasks.  

The amount of work may vary throughout the year, and the need for employees working overtime during periods of high workload may also increase the cost of this function. If you choose to outsource this function, you are ensured that you always have the necessary coverage at peaks, avoid stress and poor quality – all elements that can accompany such a situation. At the same time, you avoid an unnecessarily high cost when the workload decreases. Savings can also be seen in automation, efficiency, and quality differences at work. In addition, it is easy to forget the costs you have for training, software, and other costs you can cut or at least significantly cut by outsourcing. 

Nevertheless, many people are intimidated by the cost when they directly compare the price of outsourcing and the hourly rate of having their own employees. However, it is important to remember that the hourly rate of an employee and externally hired labor are never directly comparable since one must also calculate the social costs such as employer's contribution, holiday pay, pension, and other welfare costs. In addition, it is difficult to calculate the efficiency and quality differences that can be achieved by using a professional partner. 


Technological solutions 

There are many different solutions for automation and increasing efficiency. Both in terms of routines, work processes and technological solutions. We know and can adapt to most of the solutions you have today, while being able to help you find systems and solutions that will work in your specific situation. In ECIT, we also have our own development of products and solutions that can benefit you as a customer.  


Outsource all or parts of your HR and payroll administration 

Outsourcing your payroll administration does not mean losing control of this important function. On the contrary, with the right outsourcing partner you are kept on top of things due to a continuous dialogue. However, if you still want to keep parts of you HR and payroll administration in-house, a hybrid solution can be a good alternative.  

In any case, it can be beneficial to share the work with a professional actor. Cloud-based solutions provide a high degree of flexibility and give you the opportunity to do some of the tasks yourself. You can take care of what you can and have the capacity for, at the same time as you can be confident that the tasks are handled by a professional and professionally up-to-date actor. 


How can we help you? 

At ECIT, you get a reliable and profitable partner for the outsourcing of your payroll and HR administration. We can help you within the before mentioned features you need so you can focus on your core business. 


High competence and availability 

Our payroll consultants are specialized within payroll and HR administrative tasks. Every single day, we work to ensure our customers efficient payroll services of the highest quality. 


Cost-saving and easily scalable 

Our payroll badge model is designed to follow the customer's development in both size and needs. The associated pricing model is similarly following size and needs, and is simple, clear, and predictable. 


Efficient processes and routines 

Some of our great strengths are structure and routines.  

Through broad experience and great variation in assignment size and scope, we have experience with most situations and customer needs. Our experts in payroll adapt the solutions to your company, at the same time as we want to contribute to the optimization of all processes around payroll outside of you as a customer and internally with us. We can help you streamline and automate more processes so that both you as a customer and we can focus on other more value-creating processes.  


Reduced vulnerability, full control, and low risk 

All deliveries are planned in detail and you are affiliated with a separate team. This ensures availability of professional competence and guaranteed delivery at the agreed time, regardless of person. With ECIT, you get the security that we have a large and strong professional environment in the Nordic region with our 1,500 specialists, at the same time as you are close to your local office and customer service representative. 


Free up valuable time 

At ECIT, we are genuinely concerned with creating value for our customers. We want to help you free up your internal resources time can be spent where it is most valuable for your company! 


Your advisor 

We want to assist and be your sparring partner in everything that has to do with personnel administration. It can be beneficial for you to put sensitive and confidential information out of the house, and top management will have a confidential partner who is accessible and professional.  


Do you need temporary assistance? 

Are you insured at short notice in the event of, for example, illness, holiday, or maternity leave? Maybe our payroll service is the right solution you. All companies need a contingency plan within the payroll area. At ECIT you can rent this service and get full or partial assistance when the situation arises. 


Mapping and testing 

Together with the company's payroll manager, we map the daily routines and perform tests to find out what strengths and critical points that appear in your processes. We use our professional and technical competencies in combination with solid experience in structure and routines to decide whether it is necessary to take internal measures such as streamlining time capture, travel bills or storing sensitive information. 



After your routines have been mapped, the emergency preparedness is in place! 

Now all company employees are guaranteed the right salary at the right time, and the payroll manager can take three consecutive weeks of vacation, with a clear conscience! 


Let us assist you 

No matter what scope you are considering outsourcing your payroll administration and HR, we can be helpful with information and advice about and throughout this process. Feel free to contact us, and lets have a talk based on your specific needs.