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The payroll department in 2021: Are you aware of these three essential areas?

Written by Emilie Arentoft
Jun 2, 2021 8:11:03 AM

In the business community, the pandemic has left its mark on many companies, and in some cases, the consequences have been fatal. At the same time, it has been inevitable to reconsider the organization’s workflows, processes, and culture to ensure optimal output.  

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the payroll department by introducing three focus areas that the payroll department should keep in mind.  


1. Access to data and a seamless flow

Working from home has never been more relevant than it has been in the past year. Even though it has been challenging, many have seen it as an eye-opener, as we have been forced to digitize as many processes as possible, which has its advantages in terms of efficiency. 

The streamlining of workflows is conditional on the company being geared to enable employees to access data from home. It is essential that the company’s systems are integrated, thereby ensuring a seamless data flow. Through integrations, data is synchronized across the systems, which not only reduces manual tasks but also reduces the number of errors in the payroll process. 

In addition, it is ideal to use a system where the employees’ actions can be seen immediately in real-time, as it makes it far more efficient to collaborate from home. 


2. Security must be a top priority 

Working with payroll is a matter of processing sensitive personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been a burning issue for the past few years, which is why most companies have already improved security to comply with the legal framework. However, the increased degree of working from home has given cybercrime completely new – and unfortunately better – conditions.  

The pandemic triggered an acute restructuring concerning homework, which few companies were prepared for in relation to their IT infrastructure. Therefore, the payroll department must focus on IT security and draw up security policies and measures.  


3. The employee relations must be stable

At a time where society is undergoing extensive changes, it is more important than ever to maintain as much stability in the workplace as possible. Getting the right salary on time must therefore be a matter of course rather than a concern for the employee. In this way, payroll and trust become two parameters that are closely linked.  

If errors still occur, they must be communicated and fixed as soon as possible, so that trust is maintained. Trust and employee satisfaction ultimately result in better performance and a greater workplace. Something that must be said to be crucial for all companies. 


Do you need help?  

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