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How to succeed when outsourcing your IT operations

Written by Emilie Arentoft
Jan 29, 2021 3:45:00 PM

In this blog post, you will find the answer to what demands you should make on your supplier and outsourcing partner, as well as what overall benefits you achieve by having a strong IT partner.  


IT outsourcing then and now 

There sure are many reasons for companies to outsource the operations of their IT setup. However, the main argument in favor of this decision has changed over time.  

Formerly, it was more common for companies to have the competencies in-house, which is why IT outsourcing was considered a dismissal of valuable and internal IT competencies in favor of an external partner.  

But the preconditions for running an IT department have changed over time, and this has of course led to new norms and rules of the “game”.  

In recent years, we have seen an increasing trend in companies choosing to outsource IT operations due to the changing landscape within IT. The harsh reality is that it is too time-consuming and resource-intensive for some companies to keep up with the technological development, and in this way maintain and further develop the IT operations. 


Find an IT partner who is free of intermediaries  

It is important to have an outsourcing partner who responds proactively when things reach a critical point.  

The time horizon for getting assistance from your supplier depends on how many intermediaries your IT partner is subject to. The fewer intermediaries, the better conditions you have for a smooth collaboration. This is partly due to how you can communicate and report directly to your provider, who does not have to involve different subcontractors to solve the problem.  


Find an outsourcing partner who is up to date with the latest technology  

To get a long-term and future-proof solution, it is important that you do not compromise on technologies where you get the best of the latest and where IT security is a top priority.  

Therefore, you should set a minimum requirement for your solution and service to support the latest technological trends, as IT is a field that is constantly accelerating and undergoing changes. 

Operational stability plays a crucial role in the future success of your IT department, which is why your partner should be up to date with any optimization options for systems. In other words, you should demand that you remain change-ready and innovative. 


Find an outsourcing partner who delivers sustainable IT 

There are increasing demands for operational stability, security, and scalability. But what about responsibility?  

Sustainability is a growing dimension that is gradually being incorporated into business models.  

By making demands on your supplier for sustainability, it is a way for you to invest in a service that works as a solution to societal challenges. And who would not want to run and develop a business in line with the interest of society?  

It can be difficult to see through the many labeling schemes, but as a minimum, you can consider using alternative power sources in the search for the right IT partner. 


Find an outsourcing partner who is business-driven and understands your needs 

It is urgently necessary that your outsourcing partner can understand your overall business and processes, as there is no universal solution for IT operations. 

A business-driven outsourcing partner can offer you a better solution that complements your situation and reality. At the same time, you will often get a more affordable solution, as your agreement is based on your specific needs, which is why you only pay for what you need. 

When your business partner knows about your business processes, it is easier for the partner to offer the right technological tools that can take your business to the next level.  


Find an outsourcing partner who gives you more time for core tasks 

In conclusion, an outsourcing partner should provide more opportunities than limitations for better and stronger IT operations.  

We place greater demands on the technology we use. In other words, we expect everything to run as it should, whenever we are on the go, working from home or in the office. And at this point outsourcing has its benefits.  

The most important task of an outsourcing partner is to ensure that the company’s IT setup runs as it should and that it is continuously being strengthened and developed. Crucially, outsourcing IT operations should free up time so that you can focus more on business-critical tasks.  


How can we help you?  

At ECIT, we first and foremost want to understand the individual company’s business model and core activities, so that our customers are assured of the service they want.  

If you are curious about how we deliver tailor-made solutions within IT outsourcing, you can read more here

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