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Onboarding of temporary financial consultants: How we prepare your consultant for the job!

Written by Josefine Andersen
Jan 29, 2021 4:00:00 PM

In this post, we unveil how we prepare our consultants for making a difference for our partners by providing the needed support from the very first day of collaboration.

We carefully select our consultants

When finding an Interim Consultant for a business partner, it is either among our permanent consultants or through ECIT’s candidate database of +500 consultants. Our comprehensive database of consultants ensures that we can find the candidates whose competencies and system skills match the need of the company.

Our business partner is also participating in the selection of consultants, so we ensure that it is the right person who will become part of the company.

If our business partner is in search of a consultant with a set of competencies that are not to be found in our database, we have the resources to equip our consultants with the competencies that may be missing. If a consultant needs training in a specific system or similar, we train the consultant before starting up with our business partner.
In addition, the consultant can draw on more than 2,100 colleagues from ECIT. In other words, there will always be an opportunity to get input from other specialists if necessary.


We equip the consultant for effective onboarding

Onboarding, in the classical sense, refers to the start-up process that takes place when a company hires a new employee. With an Interim solution, this process is a little different, as the company needs a consultant who can adapt to existing workflows from day one.

Does this entail that the consultants are thrown into a company without a proper introduction? Of course not! At ECIT, we are responsible for parts of the onboarding process in order to prepare the consultant for the best possible start.

Among other things, ECIT’s Interim Manager provides the consultant with a detailed presentation of the company’s tasks, needs, and culture. The company bears the overall responsibility for onboarding the consultant as they normally do with new employees. However, this process becomes significantly more efficient when the consultant is prepared for the job position in advance.

At ECIT, we have many years of experience in hiring financial consultants. An experience that has provided a breeding ground for a structured process that we follow when starting up an Interim collaboration.

Furthermore, our consultants are provided with tailor-made material, in which the consultant has access to the guidelines of the Interim collaboration, reducing any doubts.


The characteristics of an Interim consultant from ECIT

All people are different, which is why our consultants have different ways of being. In ECIT, we place special emphasis on the consultants’ approach to collaboration to make sure they have respect for the company they work for. Our consultants manage to approach the tasks humbly – even if they are involved in driving processes of change. Change requires a basic understanding of existing processes and workflows. An understanding we believe is best achieved by working with a humble attitude.

In addition, our consultants are used to working with companies for a limited period. This makes them both professional and adaptable, as they know the procedure and therefore quickly become a natural part of the company.