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NoHo Partners about ECIT: “A professional partner who understands our development”

Written by Josefine Andersen
Mar 23, 2022 12:28:10 PM

In this article, Chief Financial Officer of NoHo Partners, Eddy Egizarian, describes the financial assistance ECIT contributes with in NoHo’s everyday life.


Facts about NoHo Partners  
• Establishment (DK): 2018  
• Employees in Denmark: approx. 250  
• Location (DK): Copenhagen
• Industry: Hospitality


Solid foundation led to expansion of the partnership

Three years ago, when NoHo Partners needed a partner capable of managing the company’s payroll administration ECIT was chosen to take on the task. Since then, both the communication and the partnership between the two parties has further developed to include the organization’s accounting. Today, ECIT handles all payroll and finance-related aspects for the company in close collaboration with NoHo’s employees.

"We had an existing agreement with ECIT regarding payroll administration. From there, we wanted to expand the partnership with the objective of only having one partner for everything. ECIT were professional in their approach to our business, and they understood our current challenges. They even came up with great suggestions of how we could solve these challenges in the future. This made it natural for us to choose ECIT as our financial partner." – Eddy Egizarian, CFO in NoHo Partners.

The open communication and mutual sharing of knowledge is something which Nicolaj Johansen, partner in ECIT, also highlights as a valuable characteristic of the collaboration with NoHo Partners.

"Our partnership with NoHo Partners is characterized by something that we value a lot in ECIT, which is win-win relationships, where we communicate openly about how to find the best solution. Our goal in the collaboration with NoHo Partners is to improve their business and make it more profitable. This is constantly our focus in ECIT." – Nicolaj Johansen, Partner in ECIT.

Constructive sparring and focus on future development

For a company like NoHo Partners who is experiencing strong growth, and new locations are opened regularly, it is important that the underlying organizational structure keeps up, so they do not end up compromising their own development and ambition.

"Continuous optimization in the collaboration between NoHo Partners and ECIT is the key. The constructive communication and sparring we have with ECIT on an ongoing basis regarding improvements of workflows, processes and future solutions is something we appreciate a lot in NoHo Partners. Together we realize continuous optimization via automation which ensures our organization for future developments as well as it eliminates a great amount of our manual processes." – Eddy Egizarian, CFO in NoHo Partners

For ECIT, to deliver an optimized and scalable financial function capable of keeping up with the growth of NoHo Partners has been important from the beginning.

"In the partnership with NoHo Partners, we have had a great focus on how we could support the company in their growth. They are growing fast and have been doing so for the last couple of years. That is why it is important for NoHo Partners to ensure a solid foundation with the right integrations and electronic approval flows, for the scaling of the company to happen without increasing the amount of manual work. As their financial partner, it is our most important task to support NoHo Partners in their growth by delivering a professional and efficient financial function." – Nicolaj Johansen, Partner in ECIT.

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