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Norian has become a part of ECIT

Written by Marcus Birk
Apr 13, 2021 5:33:25 PM

ECIT provides services within accounting, payroll, managed IT services, cloud services and digitization. So far, ECIT has operated in five countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, and Serbia) and approx. 60% of ECIT is owned by management and employees. 

ECIT is now strengthened through the acquisition of Norian (82% of the shares). Norian provides accounting, payroll, and automation services (robot technology) in six countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, and Lithuania). 

The agreement ensures that active shareholders in Norian continue as active shareholders with ownership in both Norian and in ECIT. 


Looking back at 2020, Norian had a turnover of MNOK 265 and approx. 550 employees. 

Therefore, in 2020 Norian and ECIT would have had a total turnover of MNOK 2,300 and 2100 employees spread over approx. 100 offices in 9 countries. 

«In addition to Finance, Accounting and Payroll, Norian has expertise in business development, automation and quality control as well as significant experience with large customers. Competences that will strengthen ECIT. » says CEO of ECIT, Peter Lauring. 

«The operational responsibility will lie within the management team in Norian, who will be shareholders in both Norian and ECIT going forward. Such a structure ensures committed managers and employees», says Lars Inge Tordal, Head of F&A and Payroll at ECIT Norway. 

Knut Anders Opstad, CEO of Norian says «Entrepreneurship and innovation permeate ECIT, and this was important when we chose to say yes to becoming part of ECIT. We will continue to develop Norian through a focus on employees, a high degree of automation and good customer experiences, and at the same time help build something bigger in ECIT. » 



Marcus Birk

Head of Marketing hos ECIT

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