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Offer for all shares in Modern Ekonomi Sverige Holding AB

Written by Josefine Andersen
Oct 5, 2020 8:47:00 AM

If the offer is accepted, ECIT AS will make one of its largest acquisition and for ECIT Sweden, the largest.

Modern Ekonomi will significantly strengthen ECIT's presence in Sweden within the field of payroll, accounting and advisory services and strengthen ECIT's platform for delivery of services to primarily the customer segment of small and medium-sized companies.

Modern Ekonomi will benefit from ECIT's financial strength and ability to build and develop businesses in Sweden as well as the Nordic region.

After the acquisition has been completed, ECIT is intended to adapt and integrate Modern Ekonomi into ECIT's existing payroll and accounting operations in Sweden over time to establish a stronger unified business and realize potential synergies.

Currently, there are no decisions regarding changes in ECIT's or Modern Ekonomi's employees, management, or organization, nor regarding terms of employment or business locations.

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