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Mandatory notification of trade primary insiders. Company announcement No. 35

Written by Marcus Birk
Oct 22, 2021 9:30:00 AM

On 01st of October 2021 Mikkel Walde Holding ApS, a company closely associated to PDMR Mikkel Walde acquired 138,390 shares in ECIT AS at a price NOK 9.38340 per share. After the abovementioned transaction Mikkel Walde’s total number of shares including the shares owned by his closely associated persons is 15,663,572 shares.   

The transaction was generated as a part of the program where the group increases the ownership in the subsidiaries. Described in paragraph 7.3.4 in the information document in the stock release number 7. 

There is a 12 month lock up for the shares and the price corresponds to VWAP for the last trading days before the transaction less 6.5%. 

Any questions may be addressed to Chief Operating Officer Christine Lundberg
Larsen, christine.larsen@ecit.com, +47 452 11 552