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Mandatory notification of trade primary insiders. Company announcement No. 31

Written by Marcus Birk
Sep 7, 2021 10:48:00 AM

On 06th of September 2021 Y-Not ApS, a company closely associated to PDMR Klaus Jensen acquired 25,000 shares in ECIT AS at a price NOK 10.00 per shareAfter the abovementioned transaction Klaus Jensen’s total number of shares including the shares owned by his closely associated persons is 14,865,253 shares. 

On 06th of September 2021 Molund Invest AS, a company closely associated to PDMR Lise Molund acquired 10,000 shares in ECIT AS at a price NOK 10.00 per share. After the abovementioned transaction, PDMR Lise Molund's total number of shares, including shares owned by her closely associated persons is 117.500 shares. 

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