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Mandatory notification of trade primary insiders. Company announcement No. 14

Written by Marcus Birk
Jun 7, 2021 8:44:47 AM

On 02th June 2021 BN Gruppen AS, a company closely associated to and 50% owned by PDMR Harald Næss, demerged into two companies JOB Gruppen AS and BN Gruppen AS. The number of ECIT shares 7,105,196 owned by BN Gruppen AS has been split into 3,552,598 to JOB Gruppen AS and 3,552,598 to BN Gruppen AS.

After the transaction Harald Næss owns BN Gruppen AS 100% and total number of shares including the shares owned by his closely associated persons is 3,552,598 shares.

Any questions may be addressed to COO Christine Lundberg Larsen, christine.larsen@ecit.com, +47 452 11 552