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Aktiv Kontroll AS becomes a part of ECIT

Written by Josefine Andersen
Mar 29, 2021 11:57:00 AM

The purpose of Aktiv Kontroll AS is to ensure customers settlement through personal contact and close follow-up. In other words, Aktiv Kontroll AS is a company that – as the name might reveal – takes active controll of their customers situation.


Aktiv Kontroll AS and ECIT

For Aktiv Kontroll AS becoming a part of ECIT happens as a result of a signed deal with Contar AS, who also is a part of the ECIT Group.

The acquisition of Aktiv Kontroll AS will strengthen the specialist competencies of ECIT and contribute to maintain the best financial deliveries for our customers.


Do you want to hear more?

If you are left with questions regarding the cooperation between Aktiv Kontroll AS and ECIT, please feel free to contact us.

Harald Næss: hnaess@ecit.no