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2013-2014: The beginning of ECIT 

Written by Emilie Arentoft
Dec 3, 2020 6:21:16 PM

Prior to their first casual meeting at the football field Lauring was having an idea of merging different companies in the field of economics and IT.

 In the meantime, Evensen, CEO of Vega Partners, was looking for an external Chairman of the Board to help with future growth. In this context, Evensen got a tip about a man that could be a potential candidate for the position. His name was Peter Lauring.

While both of their sons were playing, Evensen spotted Lauring and gave his business card followed by an invitation for a cup of coffee. Subsequently, things took off. It turned out that Evensen’s ambitions were not far from what Lauring was thinking; Vega Partners became the first company to join the yet unnamed group.

Based on a strategy meeting at Lauring’s cabin, four companies, including a Danish IT-company, soon started building and defining ECIT. Entrepreneurship and local ownership were the two keywords to define ECIT’s DNA. After the group principals were established, other companies started to join. 

In 2014 Servio became the first Danish accounting firm to become part of ECIT. 

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