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Why Tide Bus chose ECIT as their Interim and recruitment partner

Skrevet af Josefine Andersen
Apr 7, 2021 2:15:15 PM

In this article, Jakob Petersen, CFO at Tide Bus, among other things, explains why Tide Bus chose to get assistance from an external partner. 


Tide Bus Denmark

Tide Bus is one of the largest bus operators in Denmark. The company was founded in 2008 and is owned by the Norwegian group, Tide AS, whose experience within passenger transport dates back more than 100 years.  

Tide Bus has a great focus on the green transition, which is reflected in their implementation of gas-powered buses around the country.  

Company information

- Founded: 2008
- Employees: +800 
- Location: Odense, Denmark
- Business area: Bus service, city- and local traffic


Assistance at short notice 

As mentioned in the introduction, Tide Bus has received assistance from ECIT for several tasks. The collaboration was initially established when Tide Bus made use of an Interim solution from ECIT. Tide Bus was in a situation, where they needed solid competencies with immediate effect.  

"We were in a situation where we needed a Controller who could assist us with short notice. In other words, we needed a competence that immediately could support our company within specific areas. Here, ECIT delivered, which also meant that we chose ECIT once again, when we afterwards were looking to recruit a Junior Controller.” – Jakob Petersen, CFO at Tide Bus.

The subsequent recruitment process that ECIT was responsible for was initiated due to the general complexity that this process brings along.  

“When we started the collaboration with ECIT, it was based on the recognition that it is extremely difficult to find suitable candidates within this field. During previous recruitment, we have had a relatively limited selection of candidates. Therefore, we knew that it would require the right competencies and the right network to find enough relevant candidates. ECIT quickly found five candidates, all of whom were relevant.– Jakob Petersen, CFO at Tide Bus.  


A targeted course for a specific task 

For Tide Bus, it was a particularly good start-up meeting that set the framework for a successful and effective collaboration. 

“The collaboration has not been characterized by an overwhelming dialogue. We had an effective start-up meeting, where ECIT thoroughly identified the specific needs, we had. From here, ECIT focused on the task and subsequently delivered a good result. Therefore, I could easily see us using ECIT for another recruitment another time.” – Jakob Petersen, CFO at Tide Bus.  

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