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Mercell about ECIT: A competent and experienced service

Skrevet af Lena Brønstad
Mar 10, 2023 3:08:34 PM

ECIT Digital provides solutions that use artificial intelligence to automate incoming invoices. ECIT Digital is built on a scalable cloud-platform where machine learning contributes to handle and automate processes. Through utilizing innovative and modern technology, customers can extract the essential parts of an invoice to be entered directly into the accounting system.


Facts about Mercell

  • Establishment: 1999
  • Employees: 600
  • Location: Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden, UK & Ireland
  • Industry: Source to Pay (S2P)


A competent and experienced service

For more than 20 years quality and reliability have been key factors to the delivery of Mercell services. Mecell have decided to continue with the excelling experience embodied in the ECIT delivery of invoice and document interpretation and data capture services.

"Mercell receives close to one million invoices a year that flows through ECIT Digital. Mercell has first line support, so that basically every error is a burden on our support team and increases our cost base. Therefore, it is essential that the data quality of the delivery lives up to the agreed level of 99,8 %, and that the cooperation including corrections work smoothly. Apart from reasonable pricing, those two factors have been essential for us choosing ECIT as a supplier of these services"


“With Mercell as a customer, we are constantly challenged to be innovative and develop our services even further” - Rune Skåren, ECIT Digital


ECIT Digitals technology largely includes machine learning. We have a dedicated team in Romania that continuously are developing and training the technology to improve the reading of documents. This contributes to improve automation in the workflow for customers. When invoices are received in paper or PDF-format, the service automatically captures the structured information together with the

PDF-presentation of the invoices. This is a solution that Mercell supplies for its customers in collaboration with ECIT.


Read more about our services HERE


Lena Brønstad

Lena works as Campaign and Content manager in ECIT. After several years in the industry, she has built up a great commitment to the subject area, and is especially passionate about marketing and engaging communication.

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