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ForSea: The reason why ForSea chose to outsource parts of their payroll administration to ECIT

Skrevet af Josefine Andersen
Apr 7, 2021 1:59:59 PM

In this article, Anders Frohn, HR Manager at ForSea, comments on the collaboration with ECIT and discusses some of the important factors that led ForSea to choose ECIT as their provider. 


ForSea: A company with great focus on sustainability 

ForSea is a well-known danish company that handles the ferry crossing between Helsingør and Helsingborg. In other words, the company connects Denmark and Sweden with a great focus on sustainability. ForSea is on an interesting journey when it comes to green transition, as the company sails with the world’s largest battery powered ferries.  

ForSea is a company with more than 400 employees, where complex salary conditions make special demands on the payroll partner.  

Company information

- Founded: 2006
- Employees: +400 
- Location: Helsingør, Denmark
- Business area: Sea and coastal transport of passengers


The right competencies for handling complex salary conditions 

When handling the payroll administration for shipping companies, there are several factors to be aware of.  

“At ForSea, we have employees who are employed under special agreements (Net salary and DIS-løn), as they work in international waters. That is why it is essential for us to have a partner like ECIT, with in-depth knowledge of the various agreements.”  Anders Frohn, HR Manager at ForSea 


These tasks are taken care of by ECIT 

Services regarding payroll administration varies in scope depending on the company’s size and needs. In relation to ForSea, the collaboration is concerning a partial outsourcing of their payroll administration. 

“ECIT handles the payroll administration for all our employees. This means that they handle everything from settlement and transfers of salaries to tax reporting. Based on the data input concerning our employees, ECIT ensure that each employee is paid correctly and on time.” – Anders Frohn, HR Manager at ForSea 

There is a close collaboration between ECIT and ForSea in the form of continuous follow-ups and meetings, in which both the project manager and the leader of the payroll team from ECIT participate. Among other things, topics such as KPIs, improvement proposals, planned changes in collective agreements etc. are discussed.