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Evergas: Smooth and easy IT transition

Skrevet af Marcus Birk
Mar 29, 2021 4:49:06 PM

There were challenges ahead when Evergas' IT supplier terminated their agreement. For Poul Rævdal, IT Business Manager at Evergas, it was important to find a replacement who could live up to their requirements and at the same time ensure a smooth and easy transition. 

Company information

- Founded: 2010
- Employees: +400
- Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
- Business area: Shipping


The provider with the greatest focus on IT Security 

Poul Rævdal had six months to find a new supplier, and even though he was in dialogue with several potential partners, the choice ultimately fell on ECIT. Why? Because ECIT, aside from meeting Evergas' specific IT requirements, was the provider with the greatest focus on IT Security. This appealed to Poul Rævdal, and together with ECIT, he started a dialogue with the existing supplier to prepare for the transition. 



A simple transition 

When the transfer from the existing supplier to ECIT took place, it was the first time that the new collaboration had to stand the test. Following this, ECIT guaranteed Poul Rævdal and the rest of Evergas that they would only experience one hour of downtime.  

This was possible because ECIT was able to replicate all of Evergas' existing servers, both physical and virtual, to the new data center even before the transition. Therefore, Poul Rævdal arranged a meeting for his employees, where he informed them about the transition and presented the new IT supplier. Meanwhile, ECIT made the transition, so when the employees returned to their desks after the meeting, the downtime was already over, the transition was complete, and the employees could continue working as before and did not discover that the change had taken place. 

“Normally, when you move from one IT provider to another, you cannot avoid having a lot of downtime, so I was really impressed by the fact that ECIT could do it in just one hour, where it did not affect the employees. It was absolutely fantastic. – Poul Rævdal, IT Business Manager at Evergas 

The transition was thus the start of a close collaboration between Evergas and ECIT. 

If you are curious about what ECIT can do for you and how we can give you an equally smooth and easy IT transition, then read more about our services here or contact us at +47 22 72 14 14.