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Birger N. Haug: Outsourcing to ECIT gives access to competencies at all levels

Apr 6, 2021 10:46:16 AM

In addition, Birger N. Haug were the first dealers to launch an online store for the sale of cars in Norway. The company has 350 employees in 8 departments in Oslo and Viken. Birger N. Haug offer services within sales of new and used cars, workshop, damage repairs, car rental and preparation.

Company information

- Founded: 1989
- Employees: +300
- Location: The greater Oslo area, Norway
- Business area: Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles


Collaboration since 2000

We have been so lucky to interview IT manager of Birger N. Haug, Stian Jøssang.

Stian mentions how the collaboration between Birger N. Haug and ECIT dates all the way back to 2000.

“It started with the delivery of hardware and local servers. Since then, ECIT has become an all-in-one IT supplier providing everything from operation of data center, network / security, hardware to Modern Workplace etc.”


Cloud based work

“We have experienced lately how both management and administration have gradually moved their work into the cloud and increasingly used "Modern Workplace". Through the operating concept, ECIT One, we now have an automated solution that secures, monitors, and operates both our users and our client units.” - Stian Jøssang, IT manager at Birger N. Haug.

Furthermore, ECIT has started converting file servers to MS SharePoint. This platform is completely unsurpassed in terms of the processing and interaction of files in the organization.


Fast response time and stability

Stian further says that an important measure - besides safety - is fast response time.

“If we have questions, or in any way in need of help, we are pleased to have experienced a fast response time as well as access to technical knowledge - and this means a lot in our job.”


Many benefits of outsourcing

“The benefits of outsourcing IT services are many. We are not responsible for technical installations locally, which requires resources in both equipment and employees with specific expertise regards to the infrastructure. It saves us both time and money.

There are many different hardware, software, and networks to deal with, and therefore it is difficult to find a person who is experienced and competent in all the different subjects. Then it is better to be able to get the services from a partner who has specialists within all these different fields, and always has up-to-date expertise and systems. In addition, outsourcing certain tasks will make us less vulnerable because we are ensured a partner who is available and flexible.

We can safely recommend others to outsource their IT services to ECIT.” - Stian Jøssang, IT manager at Birger N. Haug.


Kristin H. Bjørnvik

Kristin jobber som Brand Manager i ECIT. Hun har et brennende engasjement for markedsføring og merkevarebygging.

Læs flere indlæg fra Kristin H. Bjørnvik

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