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Active Brands about ECIT: “It has been a great success outsourcing both IT operations and IT security to ECIT”

Skrevet af Lena Brønstad
Mar 10, 2023 3:09:39 PM

Facts about Active Brands

  • Establishment: 2009 in Norway
  • Employees: 300
  • Location: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, USA, and China
  • Industry: Retail of clothing and equipment


From capital expenditure to a flexible IT solution

“At Active Brands, we quickly became aware that we had challenges with our IT operations. It was an old setup that was built for operation based on on-premise servers, where the interaction between the systems were not efficient enough. This meant that IT operations became more and more unstabile and costly to maintain. We had already moved some of our data to cloud services, but we needed an IT partner that could help us to quickly move and integrate the rest of our platforms.”


Active Brands was looking for a partner that could manage their IT-setup with a SDWAN-solution, and they decided to put their trust in ECIT.

Throughout the years the partnership has changed its foundation and it is now to a greater extent focused on IT and Cloud operations in a broader context.


“It has been a great success outsourcing both IT operations and IT security to ECIT” - Gøran Langgård, Active Brands


“As we have developed our business and faced new challenges, we have expanded our collaboration with ECIT. They delivered a good and secure network solution, and therefore it was a natural choice for us to hand over the responsibility of our
IT-security to them as well. Today, ECIT are responsible for our network operation and security, in addition to assisting us with patch management, server monitoring and backup”


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Lena Brønstad

Lena works as Campaign and Content manager in ECIT. After several years in the industry, she has built up a great commitment to the subject area, and is especially passionate about marketing and engaging communication.

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