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Awareness and phishing training: Are your employees trained in cybercrime?

Written by Emilie Arentoft
Sep 29, 2020 2:15:00 PM

In this blog post, we introduce our service, awareness and phishing training, which increases your employees’ awareness of cybercrime and changes their everyday behavior. At ECIT, we have skilled experts who think like hackers, and they assist with implementation and ongoing training as well as support. 


Awareness and phishing training: Minimize fraud and data theft 

At ECIT, we have teamed up with former hacker/phreaker Kevin Mitnick to provide world-class education to you and your employees. With awareness and phishing training, you will, among other things, be able to detect hacker techniques within e-mails to implement and create a strong security culture.  

When training your employees, you will become acquainted with our “in-house hackers” who try to find vulnerabilities through phishing e-mails, text messages, and phone calls. You even get a leaderboard so you can see who identifies the most attacks along the way.  


Why is awareness training important? 

A hacker’s favorite and most effective tools include phishing e-mails. By investing in your employees’ preparedness, you create a culture of alertness and communication when they identify security incidents. Your employees will be able to proactively come up with concrete solutions for how you can increase the level of security.  

Today, several reports show how awareness training results in a higher ROI as the companies affected by malicious software can have a downtime of up to several weeks. 


What does awareness and phishing training involve?  

The framework for awareness and phishing training is created in collaboration with us based on your company’s specific needs. The training includes everything from security analyzes to cryptic employee exercises:  

  1. Start-up meeting with analysis of security culture and needs, frequency of training and type.  
  1. Initiation of the first phishing test to evaluate level and opportunity to see the development of later tests.  
  1. After the training cycle, 1-3 phishing attempts of high difficulty are initiated.  
  1. Reporting and evaluation with the customer.  


How the training works 

We hold a start-up meeting, where we identify the needs of your company and find the right material and the right frequency for the training. Afterward, we scan your corporate culture and find the best way for you to learn as much as possible.  

We use the platform KnowBe4, where we have access to a large collection of awareness materials such as games, videos, e-mails, etc.  

You can also purchase material from external providers, and you can even prepare your own if you need company-specific procedures according to onboarding or training. 


How can we help you? 

Scanning as Service, our security scan, continuously scans your company’s devices in form of printers, servers, cloud services, and infrastructure.  

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